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Flick develops software solutions for a variety of technologies including AWS, IoS, Android, Cloud and Big Data.
e-commerce, custom software development, Agile software development, Mobile Development, cloud, Big Data
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Our Industry Technologies

Mobile, cloud, big data, the Internet of things – technology has never changed as fast as it has in the last decade. No IT department can have expertise in all of them. The good news is you don’t have to. At Flick, we’re constantly fine-tuning our team to make sure we have expert resources in the most relevant technology.

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Enterprise Software Development

At Flick, we insist that your software solutions should be designed for your business, not ours. Customization and license fees for off-the-shelf products add up very quickly. Worse, you don’t want to be handcuffed into a system that doesn’t work. See how Flick delivers amazing custom software to accelerate your business.

Enterprise software costs are often one of your biggest IT expenses. It’s critical that you choose a partner who will help you clarify the best solutions to meet your needs, and also deliver high quality applications on time and within budget.

From Business Intelligence projects to ERPs and CRMs, Flick has developed scalable and manageable systems to manage business’ most important technical needs. We do this by employing the appropriate technologies to move your business forward.

Flick can work with any technology necessary, and we have extensive experience in software customization.

Mobile Software Development

Mobile changes incredibly fast and remains one of the most challenging issue for all business. Flick’s integrated team brings you strategy, user experience, mobile app development, web development, quality assurance testing, and back-end integration. Let Flick help you win in the mobile world.

Mobile Technologies

Don’t be left behind on the advantages of easy-to-use, portable mobile devices. Whether you have a specific project on the design board, or require help envisioning what’s possible, Flick’s dedicated mobile underdogs will guide you through the process from planning to delivery.

Native Development

Flick has developed apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms. We are multi-talented — whether you need to support one platform for a specific group or you require a consumer app in major app stores, Flick has the team and experience to architect and deliver the right solutions.

Hybrid Development

Maintaining separate apps for each platform can be expensive and incredibly time-consuming as devices are being updated all the time. In some cases; the optimum approach is to leverage a hybrid method where code is written once and run on any device. Both Cordova and PhoneGap are the tools Flick uses to develop hybrid solutions for our clients.

Mobile Optimized Web Development

The proliferation of mobile has millions of companies extending desktop functionality to multiple devices. Flick leverages HTML5 to provide massive efficiencies in making this development easier. Instead of developing a number of device-specific apps (that you have to code and maintain), a better option is a mobile-optimized website. Flick has developed solutions using the HTML5/JavaScript/CSS technology stack to help clients of all sizes.


What could you do with resources saved by moving to the cloud? Cloud computing gives you the unique ability to focus on your core business, rather than managing on-site infrastructure. Let Flick’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions eradicate the overhead required to host, maintain, and grow your applications.


With 15+ years of varied technology experience across several industries, we can help you bring your enterprise to the AWS cloud or optimize your current AWS setup. Save the time, costs and ongoing effort of managing your on-site infrastructure, and focus on your core business using cloud computing.

Flick provides the following for services for your AWS solution:
  • Design, implement, and manage secure and cost effective AWS solutions that align with your business and where it’s going.
  • Migrate your existing legacy infrastructure & systems to AWS.
  • Automated or semi-automated management of your AWS infrastructure with continued review of your costs.
  • Customized 24/7 monitoring of your applications and infrastructure with alerts enabling you to quickly respond to emergencies.
  • Database administration — we can help you scale and manage your database growth.
  • Peering your own onsite premises with your AWS Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure.
  • Ensuring applications have the resources to scale and handle unexpected growth.
  • Plan and implement disaster recovery for your infrastructure; archive and restore data to match your business needs.
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Managing big data is often a major stumbling block for organizations. The challenges of storing, processing, and interpreting your data can be overwhelming. Can you convert data to drive the insight needed to increase growth? Flick has expertise in developing big data solutions, providing businesses with the ability to make impactful and insightful decisions.

Empowering organizations with smart business intelligence tools so you can focus on the issues that matter.
Flick designs and builds robust solutions for visualizing data. We provide insight to stakeholders and decision makers faster than ever before. Our design process provides reporting solutions that previously took weeks to design – with Flick, reports can be done by users at their desktop.

Flick can help you develop a solid foundation of IT data modelling combined with UX design. We start by leveraging SQL to lean on the expanded capabilities of SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) and SSDT (SQL Server Data Tools). In addition, we provide integration with the tools available to make your data processes logical, and provide your users with additional control, such as Apache Hadoop, Power Pivot and Power View.

Our experience spans over 10 years of making SQL Server databases work for our customers.